Papa smurf, named Durfleezvablo is the bringer of life to all of smurf kind. He was born a blue bird mutation. After annoying the living heck out of his siblings and their mother, they kicked him out and he landed on a mushroom. He made a home inside that mushroom and caught wild UNICEF workers and computer chips every day. When he turned 27, he had his first 37 children. They were Klutzy, Stupid, Lazy, Texty, Boring, Sleazy, Flurpy, Durpy, Smily, Frowny, Jerkface, Flying Taco, Normal smurf, Lanp, Moron, Derpderp, Blooey, Bluey, Blooooooooooey, Sideways, Upside down smurf, Intelligenty, Kooky, Freaky, Comiky, Terrifyingy, killery, joey, john, Poopy, the number J, Q, Headphones, Snail skull, Nimrod, and Dumbnut. In the next 800 years, he would have over 1000 children.

How did a male smurf have a baby?Edit

Durfleezablo evolved from a bluebird. During this time, he became a parthenogenetic male. Suprisingly, he was able to give birth, but that gave all of the smurfs birth defects, causing their really really really really really really really annoying incessant singing. Papa smurf sang that while he was taking care of the children. They all caught on and haven't shut up since.

papa smurf