Blue duck

duck... smurf form

Nurse duck

.... and a nurse!!!



Duck is the best character on a tv show called "almost naked animals". Duck is a dimwitted handy man at the banana cabana, a hotel. He is also a waitress (Yes, you read right), an astronaut, a time traveler, and just plain creepy. His real name is Sir Archibald Willian Nightingale Duck III and he apparently has royal roots. After duck finished filming his famous tv series, he retired. Soon after, he created his own tv series, titled, "DUCK: the life of duck". He then returned to his homeland, Canada, so he could pursue his dream of becoming an acrobatic space princess pirate, just like his sister, Nicki Minaj.
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duck and his mini duck orchestra

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Duck... umm... scottish form

Waitress duck

See... he's a waitress!!